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Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Peavey PV-35XO Crossover

The PV35XO is a dual-channel stereo crossover incorporating Peavey's legendary low-noise, low-distortion design. Ruggedly constructed, the PV35XO gives you the flexibility to establish a three-way stereo PA system or run in a four-way and even a five-way mono configuration. The PV35XO has variable state filter controls with 24 dB per octave filters. The PV35XO utilizes XLR inputs and outputs for balanced operation from 20 Hz - 20 kHz.

Peavey PV35XO PA System Crossover Features:
• 3-way stereo operation
• 4-way and 5-way mono operation
• Variable state filter controls
• 24dB/octave LR filters
• Mute capabilities for each output level control
• XLR (balanced input and outputs on each channel, Phase inversion switch on each band-pass output (except low sum)
• Low sum output jack to sum the low frequency, stereo content
• Weight 5
• Width 19
• Depth 6.875
• Height 1.75

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